When light breaks

This piece was an interactive time-machine that made use of delayed light. The installation traps and delays light, and thus time.

The installation consists of a loop, where the webcam inside would capture light and send it to a computer, which would send it back out to the beamer with a slight delay. It would then be beamed through the box onto the wall creating the visuals.

Simultaneously inside the box the light diffracts by the lenses, refracts by the prisms/bowl with water and reflects by the mirror that was below. This would cause a loop back to the webcam which was on top of the bowl with water, recapturing some of the light that was initially send in.

The visitor was able to use a provided flashlight or their own phone to feed the machine light, which would keep looping for a while. They also had the option to turn a small wooden knob, which would turn the main prism creating more interesting visuals.


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