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    The project aims to both reflect our own obsession with digitising our edible fuel and the (current) incapability of machines to truly understand the physical world.

  • Mechanical rhyme

    Mechanical rhyme

    This installation uses machine learning to read and dissect poetry. It analysis a database of poetry that is provided by the artist. It uses this database to generate new works.

  • Automated scriptures

    Automated scriptures

    The installation is made to generate a new holy scripture. It uses a neural network trained on the Bible and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It questions the written works on which most of us base our believes.

  • Skeletons of castles

    Skeletons of castles

    The sculpture is a self portrait. From the head of the wooden man a 30 min spoken word piece emerges.

  • Sound, a tributary of Touch

    Sound, a tributary of Touch

    This project revolves around intimacy with strangers and our inherent human need for physical acknowledgment.

  • Transitions


    This installation tells a story about connections, passages, phases and transformations. It makes use of modular poetry and interactive technology to create a unique experience for every visitor.

  • Reaume – A Virtual Reality Installation.

    Reaume – A Virtual Reality Installation.

    Reaume is a virtual reality installation, in which the visitor can explore art in a different setting than one would in a museum or public space. A VR art exhibition w here anything is possible.

  • When light breaks

    When light breaks

    This piece was an interactive installation that made use of delayed light. The installation traps and delays light, and thus time.